Developing minds

       King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang has always fostered the development of minds to students and personnel of the institution by providing the great changes of moral/virtue Buddhism and other religion activities. Many moral/virtue activities have been coped with. Many clubs of developing minds could be the ones of moral/virtue activity performances the members could be acting their moral/virtue lives and also could be working in groups with moral/virtue minds.

       The Institute cooperating with assembles / clubs have been arranging the virtue/moral activities throughout the regular semesters such as that of giving food to monks on happy new year days. Moreover, many events of such the moral activity have also been arranged on many important Buddhism occasions. Giving food activity regularly has always been performed on every Thursday morning on the regular semesters. Such the activities becomeattractively faithful for the students and other people of the Institute and many of them eventually join such the events.

       Some clubs/associations of the Institute have arranged the Buddhism activities of occasional Ordination. Anyone interested in the ordination must be strictly trained on disciplines of Buddhism both on theories and practices. Anyone having been joining such the moral Buddhism activity could gain benefit to self and also to parents. They could react their gratitude to their parents and also beneficial for selves through the practical meditation. Acceptably, meditation has been approved to be helpful for better concentration on actual studies and consequently for better educational grades as well.

Student Clubs related to Mind Development activities

  • Student club of Buddhism and Thai Culture.
  • Student club of Northeast Art and Culture.
  • Student club of Ethical and Virtue Development.
  • Student club of Muslim Student Association.

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