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Renewable energy


Since energy saving is one of the most important climate actions, KMITL has various and creative policies and campaigns for energy saving. It has implemented policies and campaigns to reduce energy consumption.

Solar cell

Electricity consumption within campus. Using renewable energy not only serve the clean energy usage but also serve as Renewable Energy

Electric consumption

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang invests in solar cell installations every year. Solar cells are applied to various electrical devices to save electricity, such as water treatment machines, walkway lighting. Today, there are 1,124 solar panels installed on the rooftop and electrical devices. Total solar panels can produce 163,590.34 kWh per year or 13,632.53 per month.

Solar cell water treatment machine: This is KMITL’s innovation for self- generated water treatment. KMITL’s natural water reservoirs has been treated by self-generated water treatment machine. The machine’s energy for operating is installed at the top of the machine. The water in the reservoir is treated by oxygen stirring for improving resolved oxygen in the reservoir by turbines.



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